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Somatic Body-Mind Approaches to Healing Trauma

  • LB-SB CAMFT To Be Announced in Los Angeles, CA (map)

Conference Summary:

This day-long conference teaches essential somatic therapy tools and interactive exercises (including an emotive/sensory process developed by Dr. Babbel) to treat the lingering effects of physical and emotional trauma. Therapists can use these tools and exercises to help their clients to:

  • Develop Greater Overall Body Awareness

  • Recognize, Manage & Lessen the Intensity of Trauma Triggers

  • Prevent Secondary Traumatization

  • Move From Survival Mode to Relaxed Mode                                                         

This workshop integrates experiential and theoretical components.   Attendees will practice the tools and exercises through role-play with each other. Short videos will elaborate on the key ideas and their therapeutic applications .

Many therapists have an out-of-date understanding of trauma, especially regarding the relationship between a traumatized person’s nervous system and associated survivor’s sensations, behavior, and emotions. My two-fold goal as an educator is to teach therapists the following:

1. How a traumatized nervous system impacts an individual’s health, relationships, career, finances, and spirituality.

2. How to address and alleviate the negative effects of trauma in each of these areas.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • Five body language clues for discerning a client’s underlying emotions.

  • Ten somatic tools for regulating the nervous system.

  • Three essential guidelines for practicing my Emotive/Sensory process.

  • Six commonly experienced benefits of Somatic Therapy

  • Three somatic self-care techniques to prevent or alleviate Secondary Traumatization

Earlier Event: October 6
Healing Trauma through the Body-Mind